Online - Mobile - DOOH - Connected TV

Experts in Digital advertising acting as your trading desk to deliver campaigns across all digital platforms.

We have developed our own multichannel delivery and optimisation engine giving you access to premium international networks and the best traders in the business.

The buying and pricing power of a major media-trading group without the need to commit to large monthly or annual campaign budget agreements.

As a member of the Digital Innovation Group, PickmeUp offers even more digital services such as developing apps on Web, Mobile, Tablet and Connected TV.

Banner and Video Advertising

PickmeUp handles both classic display banners and video advertising.

Classic banners in IAB compliant standards for Gif or Flash. We currently buy between 15-20M impressions per day on behalf of our clients mostly in European territories, Australia and USA.

On the Video side, we serve banner videos in MPU format (300 x 200) and in-stream advertising through our content partners.

We also provide advertisers and content owners a matching service to monetise / advertise using pre-roll along with mid or post roll formats.