Multi channel Delivery

  • Online video and banner

    We offer a wide variety of categories within digital display advertising and on all formats such as Flash, HTML, video and image banners as well as site under. This gives you a more specific demographic and behavioural targeting for your display campaign. Pricing models: CPM, CPC, CPA.

    Working with all the major publishing networks and RTB ad exchanges including AppNexus, OpenX and Rubicon with access to a vast worldwide inventory. Using real time bidding (RTB) and our own proprietary technology enables us to bid on individual ad impressions when buying online media space. RTB guarantees a higher ROI and an increase in budget efficiency as it allows us to optimize campaigns in real time, and target a larger audience reach. 




    Mobile & Tablets

    Advertising across mobile devices as seen a massive increase over the last couple of years and is now an established media in its own right. Targeting based on age; gender, location, and interests are becoming the norm and a mandatory part of any successful campaign. 

    Key benefits:

    • Higher CTR and ROI thanks to more precise targeting.
    • Innovative and attractive support using mobile websites plus applications.
    • Targeting by age bracket, interests, categories and of course location
    • Selection of handsets (iPhones and androids, iPads, etc...) and all mobile phone providers.




    Digital Out Of Home

    Digital Outdoor provides a targeted medium that allows you to communicate with a UK audience of 63,000,000. 

    Advantages of reaching your target on the move?

    1. Diverse range of environments, each with a unique audience profile. The typical outdoor audience is:

    • Young & active and social
    • In full time employment
    • Better paid than average
    • Mobile (on the go)
    • Willing to try new brands

    2. Most visible medium

    • Outdoor can deliver on a large scale and nationwide with the ability to engage and interact on a personal level with a brands targeted audience.

    3. Contextual Placement

    • DOOH can place your message where it counts and provide your campaign with a more physical presence.







    Connected TV

    For Connected tv we can accept standard IAB web banner as well as 15s or 30s video advert to be run on pre or post-roll formats. Most TV manufacturer now run apps network systems and we have access to all of these.

    Targeting by: Device type, Country territory, Smart tv / in app display, Pre roll rich media / classic display.

    Dedicated advertising apps can be developed to create a durable communication channel between the brand and audience.