We are a trading desk (with a twist) for agencies

  • Sometimes rather than an ostentatious spiel....a quick video does it better. We found this one on YouTube, created by the IAB, which defines exactly and purposefully our environment.
    When you see the trading desk bubble....That's us.


    So now you have watched the video why not contact us to discuss how we could become your trading desk.
    Or you can also visit our about us page to check some more about PickmeUp.

    Also, and this is hush hush and just between us............ we do lots of trading work for the big media buying groups. 

  •  what's in it for you?

    • Your own team of expert traders and campaign managers 
    • We are cost transparent and work on a rev-share or on a fixed price basis
    • All the advantages of a trading desk without the investment and overhead 
    • Access 100 000's of website inventories
    • Access up to 40M homes in connected TV
    • Access more than 100M mobile users
    • Access millions of shoppers with DOOH

    Programmatic Buying

    Data is generated with each customer interaction on different devices, different media channels and at a different times during the lifecycle of brand engagement. 

    Programmatic Buying helps bring order to this fragmentation.

    We use data to increase advertising effectiveness by assigning a value to every single impression we buy. We then use that value to ensure that no budget is wasted by advertising to prospects who will never have an interest in the brand, products or services.

    Thats programmatic buying!


    Contextual analysis and semantic data

    Semantic technology is designed to crack the emotional code of online content to more intelligently match ads. This data not only captures keywords, but understands online content and determines the overall advertising environment, providing spot-on information about all that may influence readers, without using any cookies: people, places, brands and companies, things, concepts and - above all - feelings and emotions.